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Projected Winners for Pennsylvania State Senate and House

CCP uses the New York Times and Decision Desk HQ to announce projected winners. For live results, follow the PA Department of State or Decision Desk HQ links below.

Some of the Best Election Night Websites

Here are CCP's favorite election night resources. These websites track the vote count in real-time and make accurate, unbiased projections. The links below will bring you directly to their Midterm Election Homepages.

  • pa-keystone-large.png

    For all races in the Commonwealth, going to the main source of information is the best way to get real-time results. The Commonwealth's Department of State is the first to update vote counts from across the state.

    The non-government sites listed here use data from this website to update their vote tallies.

    The button below will bring you to the main site.

    For the US Senate Race, click here.

    For Congressional Races, click here.

    For the Governor's Race, click here.

    For all State Senate Races, click here.

    For all General Assembly Races, click here.

  • ddhq-logo.png

    Decision Desk is among the fastest sites to compile state vote tallies and make accurate projections. You'll need to make a free login to access the information multiple times. Decision Desk tracks federal races, governor races, and state secretary races. It does not track information for state assembly races.

  • associated_press_logo_2012.svg-1667865299724.png

    Most local news outlets use the Associate Press to track elections and call projections. The news wire site tracks all elections down-ballot, including state assembly races, and provides live updates of vote tallies. No paywalls or signups are required, making it the easiest to navigate. AP Projections hold significant weight.

  • download-1667864738580.png

    Bloomberg's news information umbrella offers the site thousands of resources. The site provides live results and is extremely easy to navigate. The free site tracks all federal races and statewide races. It does not include state assembly races.

  • new-york-times-symbol.jpeg

    The New York Times, like the AP, covers Federal, statewide, and down-ballot races with live results. Federal and statewide elections are free, although the site may require users to create a free account. Assembly races require a subscription to the New York Times.

    The Times also provides a percentage likelihood of each candidate winning their election, updated in real time as results come in.

  • screen shot 2022-11-07 at 7.17.20 pm.png

    Fox News has assembled an extensive election night team that tracks federal and statewide elections. They are able to independently project election results sometimes sooner than their competitors. The team works hand in glove with Fox News' polling shop

    The site does not follow assembly and state senate races.