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About Commonwealth Consulting Partners

Our Team and the Values that Guide Us
our mission, values, and vision
Our mission is to partner closely with our clients to develop and execute government affairs strategies that are specifically designed to help them meet their immediate and long-term goals.

Commonwealth Consulting Partners is an unprecedented partnership that brings together over 65 years of experience advocating for clients at the local, state, and federal levels.

Our team has a proven track record of identifying and cultivating opportunities for clients, utilizing our relationships, and effectively communicating the needs of our clients to promote and expand equitable outcomes for all.

Three core values guide the work we do for our clients:

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    We prioritize building and maintaining solid relationships and networks that include our clients, government officials, communities, and other stakeholders. We have built these networks on a foundation of mutual respect and trust. They permit us to engage with decision-makers on behalf of our clients effectively.

    Building on our experience, we look beyond task-oriented engagement and stress a holistic understanding of our clients' needs. From this perspective, we can better engage with the government on our clients' behalf.

    We are dedicated to civic engagement and volunteerism that brings about positive change within our community, state, and country.

    As a team, we are partners in every sense of the word and draw on our strengths to work collaboratively in service of our clients. We work closely with our clients and treat them as partners on our team to build a relationship founded on mutual respect and open communication.

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    We are ambitious, hardworking, and dedicated individuals who advocate on behalf of our clients with sincerity and conviction.

    We work creatively as a team and on behalf of our clients, approaching issues and challenges from unique, bigger-picture perspectives.

    We carefully look for innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs and prioritize learning with our clients to better serve their immediate and long-term goals.

    We use our experience to adapt and evolve to changing situations and landscapes. Experience and competency allow us to effectively engage with decision-makers on behalf of our clients.

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    We prioritize honesty and integrity. Our principles and morals always guide our business decisions and practices as well as our engagement with clients.

    We pride ourselves on honest conversations about realistic outcomes and strategies for success with each of our clients.

    We approach our contacts in government with transparency and knowledge when representing our client’s interests. Our team prioritizes the importance of learning and adapting from our experiences.

    We work on behalf of our clients with genuine commitment.

Our vision
CCP's vision is to build an environment that values merit, rewards hard work, and results in positive action and change.